Greece – Cradle of the civilizations

To describe Greece is to evoke enhancing images of azure blue seas, magnificent beaches with crystal clear waters, mountains right with the scent of thyme, picturesque villages and the incomparable, magnificent islands.

Blessed with a mild, Mediterranean climate, Greece enjoys bright, sunny days most of the year. All of this, blended with a Greek world of antiquity, myth and legend, which permeates every nook and corner of the country, weaves an intoxicating spell on the visitor.

A country with the unparalleled natural beauty which offers, along with the treasures of art, history and architecture, representing over 3,000 years of Greek and Byzantine culture, is the ideal playground for everyone.

Particularly for Incentive and Conference Groups searching for the unusual.

New Look of Greece

Our incoming department plans and organizes holiday programs for either, individuals or Groups.

With the sole intention that they enjoy a delightful and fulfilled vacation in our country. We provide specially selected hotels, tours, cruises, theater or arts performances (Herod Atticus, Epidaurus etc.), and holidays in choice parts of Greece.

Additionally, we can provide Educational Tours or Incentive Trips with itineraries, which can be organized either with you, or in line with your own specifications. Our success up to date, in this area, is the best guarantee of your individual “custom made” attention. Let Ovadias Tours introduce you to a Greece you’ve never even dreamt about.

The Essence of Tourism

If someone wants to travel either to or from Greece, there is a wide selection of travel agencies able to assist him. However, if it happens to be on business, the choice narrows considerably… become more difficult. And if you should need specific services and have particular demands, then there is only one way to go; Ovadias Tours. We provide our services, relying on experience, conscientious service and dedicated professionalism. We are ready to operate at any given moment using the best, speediest and most economic methods available, to fulfill today’s needs and particularities.
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